Certified Teacher of Bikram Yoga, Fall 2012, Los Angeles.

He found Bikram Yoga when he was 32 years old, in May of 2004 when he suffered severe back and knee pain (all those years he had mistreated his body practicing extreme sports without regard). From that moment he understood that the practice of this discipline could help him to continue enjoying life and extending it to the fullest.

After 8 years of practice he decided to become a Bikram teacher and began teaching yoga for almost three years in San Antonio, Texas and then in Phoenix, Arizona. When returning to live in Spain, he directed for some years the first study of Bikram Yoga to open in Madrid. Vicente is a founding member of Bikram Hot Yoga San Sebastián.

According to Vicente, the practice of Bikram Yoga taught him to know himself and to learn by observing how people of all sizes, races, ages and differences improved physically, mentally and spiritually; which is what convinced him to become a teacher, to help people to simply improve.



Certified Teacher of Bikram Yoga, Spring 2015, Thailand. She discovered yoga at age 18 and started practicing Bikram in 2011 in Oslo, Norway, where she lived for more than nine years.

Chilean, professor of History and Political Analyst, who after 12 years of university career, decided on yoga, her passion, and costume design.

Daniela is a founding member of Bikram Hot Yoga San Sebastián and founder and owner of Justa Yoga Wear, a brand of Fair Trade Yoga clothing sold around the world. Married, mother and lover of any living being that crawls on 8, 6, 4 or 2 legs.


Chilean, Commercial Engineer. Certified teacher of Bikram Yoga, Fall 2012, Los Angeles. The year 2010 she participated in the International Bishnu Charán Ghosh Cup Championship in Los Angeles.

"From my first classes, what I liked the most about the practice was the fact that I felt that everything could be achieved, that the body has no limits, that it is all in your mental attitude, the benefits that I have obtained thanks to the practice of Bikram are many, since not only have I changed my body, but through practice, I could say that I have changed my way of seeing the world. I never had physical problems, but even so, I have become aware of my body, I have learned to listen to it and also by extension I have learned to listen to me, to know myself. It is interesting how the practice works, in the words of the dialogue, how it modifies you 'from the inside out'. "

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