get ready!


Do not forget to bring water. Place a bottle next to your mat and take small sips when necessary. Ideally, you drink before thirst appears, and you drink between posture and posture. However, each one has different needs.


Before class is not advised to eat too much, do it between two to three hours before. If you get hungry eat light, a fruit, cereal or yogurt will help.


Arrive at the studio with enough time. Our reception will be open 30 minutes before class. If you have not yet purchased your plan online and wish to purchase it there, we recommend you arrive 20 or 30 minutes before the class starts.


Choose comfortable clothing that do not rub or restrict movement when you are sweating. Opt for tight clothing. Minimize friction by using clothes that are scarce in quantity. For men, some elastic shorts, and for women also shorts and a sport top. Our studio also has the largest specialised yoga clothing store in the North of Spain.


You can rent mats and towels, but if you prefer to bring your own material, go ahead, do it. Bring two towels (or three), to use on the mat to create traction, another for the shower and one to clean the pool of sweat that you might leave. Sweat regulates body temperature, so you should avoid drying yourself too often. This can make it harder for the body to adapt to the temperature of the room.


Let the monitor know about any previous injuries or medical conditions you may have before the class. An experienced Yoga instructor can teach variations to reduce stress on one part of the body or make certain movements easier or more difficult depending on the needs of each person.


As with any kind of Yoga, it can be tempting to compare yourself with another person, but you should pay attention to your own body. If the heat makes you feel dizzy, take as many breaks as necessary. While resting, focus on breathing slowly through the nose.


And as final advice for after this hot Yoga class, the most important thing is to hydrate but, with what? Well, coconut water or an isotonic sports drink would be the best options, since they will replenish the lost electrolytes. And to finish, a cool shower. Or better yet, go to the beach, we are one step away from Ondarreta ...

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